Lightweight Bicycle FendersĀ & Splash Guards

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Since 1988!

Safe, Lightweight & Effective
Virtually Indestructible
Installs in Seconds
Will Not Clog or Rattle
Fits All Types of Bikes

Rear Deflector Shield

Zap straps to your rat trap

  • Virtually indestructible
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Deflects the majority of road and trail grime away from the back of the rider

PRICE: $9.95

Technical info:

– Size 22″ 3/4 x 4″
– Only 39 grams
– Polyethylene .023mm

Forward Deflector Shield

  • Safe, lightweight, durable
  • Installs quickly and easily
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Helps keep water bottle free of road and trail grime
  • Attaches with Velcro

PRICE: $8.95

Technical info:

– Size 15″ 3/4 x 4″
– Only 27 grams
– Polyethylene .023mm

Ratail Rear Splash Guard

  • Attaches easily to most seatposts
  • Used by World Cup champions for training or racing
  • Deflects the majority of street grime away from the back of the rider

PRICE: $19.95

Technical info:

– Size 22″ 3/4 x 4″
– only 57 grams
– Polyethylene .055mm

Alison Sydor – World Cup Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist.

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Reviews Rear Deflector Shield on MEC

Perfection. Well worth the price, snug fit through my rear rack,
keeps my but dry and clean

PeteRear Deflector Shield

Awesome. Easy to put on... Keeps the mud off my back... you can bend it,
twist on it or stomp on it and it stays (fairly) straight.
Pros: Lightweight, Easy to Install, Good Protection, Tough

JTRear Deflector Shield

Tops for effectiveness, and you can't beat the name
I've used this fixed rear fender for over 3 years of daily commuting in all
weather except snowstorms, and it is a top performer. Installation was a breeze using the included zip ties, and once installed the fender stays in place. I like that the Shield is made in Canada, and at this price point, it represents a good value.

Mr. SafetyRear Deflector Shield

Unbeatable for the price. Made in Canada, un-expensive, keeps the water off my back.
Who could ask for anything more ? Love it.

Milkoholic BearRear Deflector Shield

Can't go wrong with the price.
Great product, super easy installation with the velcro. Easy to remove if you don't need it on the bike.

SebastianRear Deflector Shield

Does what it's supposed to do!
I actually really like it! I would say that it's more of a MUD guard than a rain guard. It shields you from getting splashed in the face while riding through doesn't keep you from getting wet in other areas mind you (i.e. shoes)....but hey, if you're riding in the rain, then of course you're going to get wet!! I LOVE it for when I get off a super muddy trail and onto the road because it keeps mud & stones from whacking me in the face! It shields your frame too, if you're concerned about that. And honestly, no one really notices it until they take a good look...even then they're like, "hey, I should get one too". Velcro is completely fine & holds on tight. Overall, great purchase.

guitargirlForward Deflector Shield

Put it on and forget it is there!
I can not see how anyone would complain that there are no instructions as it is simpler to install than using an air pump!
Whoever said it does nothing for the rooster tail must have put it on wrong!
And as posted earlier, graphics on the fender mean it does not come with a bunch of garbage you just discard, and if you install it UPSIDE DOWN it is just black with no graphics and works the exact same way!
Yes if it is extremely wet/muddy you will still get wet/muddy, but for typical commutes and light rains it will HELP keep you dry and clean, this is not the end all be all and don't expect it to be, but it sure does help!!!

guyinthenorthForward Deflector Shield

cheap, easy to instal on any bike, easy to move from my mountain bike to my touring bike with extra velcro ,haven't fallen off or broke, I now have 2 of them.

The printed on graphic mean NO extra packaging ,if you don't like the graphics, turn the flap upside down so the graphics are on the bottom ... where they will be covered in mud

XXX-erForward Deflector Shield

Alison Sydor – World Cup Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist.


Since the late 80’s M.C.A. prides itself on making an inexpensive and simple way of deflecting road toxins from the eyes and face of all kinds of bicycle enthusiasts. We have been a proud supplier to Hardcore mountain and road riders. Police forces, Security companies, Olympic athletes, World Cup Champions, Couriers and Commuters use and enjoy our products all over the world.

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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